Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grandma's b-day

Just a quick post with pics from Grandma's party earlier this month. She had so much fun and really enjoyed seeing everyone. Almost all the kiddos were there (see picture to left). And, I recognized almost everyone! Some I hadn't seen in over 20 years.

I think she was pretty tired afterwards, but has since recovered and is enjoying looking at pictures from the wonderful day. I still can't believe that she's 100 years old. It seems like just yesterday she was sitting at the Thanksgiving table making sure everyone, especially my grandpa, had enough to eat and already asking if they wanted "seconds" before they had taken their first bite. And if you even looked like you needed something from the kitchen she was up and looking for whatever was needed. I swear, I don't know if she had a hot meal until she was in her 80's. :) Anywhoo - here's a couple of pics. Enjoy!

The birthday girl was escorted by her "baby" - my dad.

Great-Grandma and Braden. He was very proud to share her day with her! He loves a good birthday party!

Mom and Dad before the big party.

After the party we had to head back to Topeka for school and work the next day. I took these pictures while we (Brady) were driving on the highway. I thought the beautiful sunset was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My Tax Dollars Hard at Work

Ok, picture it. I was driving home from a long day at work when my car started sputtering. I managed to get it off the highway and onto a less-busy street (so I thought). When I made the turn off the interstate my car DIED. I mean sputter, sputter, cough, cough….dead. Okay, so I just had the oil changed and everything looked okay. My gas gage was low, but the low gas light hadn’t been on. This is very important information.

Since it was “rush hour” traffic in Topeka – it took about one minute before a friendly highway patrol officer found me and stopped (with his lights on) to see if I was okay. I explained to him the aforementioned facts: no warning, sputtering, dead, battery light and oil light came on, etc. He asked how the gas gage was. I said it was low, but the gas light had never come on. I’m sure it couldn’t be that. Again, this is very important information.

He kindly asked me to try to start the car. I did and it chugged and died. He said, “Ummmm, Ma’am, you are out of gas.” After I finished cringing at the whole “ma’am” thing, I said, but that’s impossible – the LIGHT NEVER CAME ON, HELLLLLOOOO!!! He, very kindly, mentioned that my gas gage *was* rather low, and it *might be* possible that the light is not working properly. NAH, that can’t be it. I’ve never ran out of gas before in my life!!! He asked if I lived far, or if I had someone bringing me some gas. DUH, I am still trying to convince him that there MUST be something else wrong with my car. I am sure it’s not that simple.

In the meantime, imagine my luck when my husband came toodling by in his car and looked twice when he saw it was me holding up traffic with lights flashing from some of Kansas’ finest. (I swear it must have looked like a very high-powered drug bust by this time.) I counted at least five traffic violations as he turned around to come see if I was okay. I thought for sure he was going to get some kind of ticket. And, the supportive wife that I am, threw him under the bus and nervously said to Mr. Highway Patrolman, “What does he think he’s doing??!!” I think the guy in the uniform must have informed him of his theory behind my mishap as he just rolled his eyes when walked up next to my car. I tried to convince Brady that it must be the battery or something. The light NEVER came on! Helllloooooo - is anyone listening to me.

The officer had already asked Motor Vehicle Assistance (I’d always wondered what those trucks would do for someone stranded…now I know.) to fetch me some gas. Brady was on his way to get our son from daycare and asked if he should go get him, or stay with me a little while longer. I’m sure the look he got said you better not leave me here alone! He was blocking the view of most of the passers-by and I felt like I had somebody on my side. He reassured me that no more than 300 cars have gone past in the seven minutes it took to get gas back to my car. How many of them could have known it was my car?

As Mr. Motor Vehicle Assistance put four gallons of gas into my tank, I asked how much we owed him for the gas. Mr. Highway Patrol informed me that these are my tax dollars hard at work. Brady then whispered to me that they would just include a charge for the gas on my ticket for impeding traffic! A TICKET???!!!! NO WAY!! Mr. Highway Patrol thought that was HILARIOUS!

Then he said to me, “Ma’am,” (QUIT CALLING ME MA’AM!) “Go ahead and try to turn it over.” I was certain that it wouldn’t do anything. Low and behold – it purred like a kitten. DANGIT!

Before I had a chance to thank him one more time, he was already on his way to making I-70 a much safer highway for all those traveling through our fair city. Thank you Mr. Highway Patrolman and Mr. Motor Vehicle Assistance. I am eternally grateful!

Oh, and FYI - I’m still having my battery tested to make sure it’s not going to stop like that again. Oh yeah, and I’ll fill my tank at ½ tank from now on!

P.S. Pics from Grandma’s birthday party (with my 100 year old outfit coming this weekend!)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

100 years old!

That's how old my grandma will be on Sunday. 100 years! Can you imagine? I wonder what she thinks of this election? I find it fascinating to ask her those kinds of questions. She's still able to hold a conversation and understands most of what you say. She lived in her own house until a little over a year ago when she went to live in a nursing home minutes from my dad and aunt. She has trouble getting around and is in a wheelchair now, but her mind - it's sharp as a tack!

We are going to Baxter Springs, Kansas, for a big celebration for her on Sunday at the church where she and my grandpa used to go. All of her granchildren (25+) will be there (except my oldest brother that lives in Japan) with their kids and, for a few, their kids! She's so excited - she's worrying about her hair and what she should wear. After all, the day will be all about her! (I wonder where I get it from???)

I will be the staff photographer (see, I brought it back to me). I'll post a few pictures next week after I get back. I spent my lunch hour today and 2 hours after work shopping and trying to find SOMETHING TO WEAR! (Again, all about moi!)

What is it about trying to find something special at the last minute and finding NOTHING. Do they wait to put the crappiest clothes out on the racks until they know someone will be looking for something "special?" I found two pairs of shoes that do not match the two pairs of slacks I bought, for which I do not have blouses that will match. I did find two pairs of jeans that sort of fit, but were on the clearance shelf. If you know me, you know I can't pass up a bargain - wait for's like leaving money on the table.

You know what I'll end up wearing, right? Something I already own! It's probably 100 years old. That should be appropriate.