Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mommy, do you think I can choose my own songs?

Okay, now I know it … I am a total control freak!

My darling son came to me the other day and asked me if we could load some songs onto his new iPod Shuffle that he got from his Aunt for Christmas.

“Sure honey,” I said with that motherly voice of mine.

“Can I choose my own songs for it?” he asked in that cute little boy voice.

“Of course you can,” I said, still in my motherly voice.

THEN...WOWIE ZOWIE! It hits me…why would he even have to ask??? It’s HIS iPod, not mine. If my 8-year old knows that I am a control freak, who else knows??

Next thing you know, he’s going to tell me he can play his own Webkinz™ games online and decorate the Webkinz world himself. How ever will he build and save his Webkinz money??

P.S. Apparently my husband knows about my disorder. He just asked me if “we” could get the Rhianna CD? “It could be both of ours,” he said. Surely a grown, 40-something, man can go out to buy a CD without asking his wife, right? (Do I really want to wrap my brain around the fact that he wants the Rhianna CD??) I can't really worry about that right now. I may have to go see Dr. Phil.