Saturday, October 4, 2008

I only had one thing to do today

Okay - I had two things to do today.

1) Yoga at 8:30 - actually ended up being more of a Tai Chi class. If you are interested in knowing about it - it totally kicked my butt!


2) Clean the frickin' bathroom.

Without giving away the whole story, the way I see it, I got half of my list accomplished today. A quick trip to Kohl's ended up taking me to Kohls, Tuesday Morning, The Dollar Tree, Westlake Hardware Store, and oh yeah, Sonic Happy Hour!

Somewhere around the Dollar Tree my butt started draggin' from class this morning and I haven't recouperated yet. I can clean the bathroom "tomorrow," right?

I'm thinking of going to bed - it' s 8:30 on a Saturday night. How old am I???? My parents probably aren't even in bed yet! I don't even think I can make it to 10:30 to watch SNL - Love TINA FEY!!

Hey, I know....I'll just TIVO it - it'll give me something to do tomorrow. Hee.